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The new management approach based on Kaizen by all 3     2018.08.20
Consultant, Kaizen

Kaizen so far and Kaizen from now are greatly different. I begin to analyze it.


Kaizen so far can be said that it has been implemented mainly by the manufacturing department for quality, cost, and delivery time (Q, C, D). And it has created competitiveness of manufacturing of Japan. But it was the Kaizen in the market-in era when customer needs were known. The quality theme then was claim reduction, the cost theme was the prerequisite in competition, the delivery theme was the production plan management so as not to cut off the supply. It was not facing the customer’s individual needs. The other departments like design or sales also did Kaizen but they could not be said to be enough cooperation to create synergies between departments.


Question: I said that the Kaizen which each department was doing was not connected … What do you think?