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ConsultingConsulting Philosophy

There were times when Japan was praised as “Japan As No.1” for making a recovery in a short period and obtained national strength of reaching world’s second-largest economy based on GDP, despite of losing everything in the World War II.

I think the driving force during that time was the manufacturing industry.

Unfortunately, Japanese manufacturing industry today does not have the strength it used to have.

Part of the reasons for this was the technique of fine-tuning, which Japan exceled at when technologies were primarily analog, became unnecessary in the digital era.
In addition, the countries that developed manufacturing industries by following Japan built up their influence. Another reason is changes in exchange rates.

However, although it is the reality,
the recovery of manufacturing industry is essential to revive Japan because the manufacturing industry has high value and it is better suited for the Japanese who are steady and meticulous.

It is the industry that everyone can find one’s own space in workplace by understanding the relationship between one’s work and management to make kaizen or continuous improvements.

This requires considering a method of realizing, instead of saying reasons why you cannot.

Specifically, it is to recognize and enhance the true strength of Japan’s manufacturing.

I think the true strength of Japan’s manufacturing industry is the power of fine-tuning between the people.
The power of fine-tuning chi, experience and change, which I call"Fine tuning-chi" is when everyone in a company from the president and executives to regular employees and part-timers, from the sales and designing department to the purchasing, management and the production department, look at actual products on site and talk about their roles and what they want to do in a lively atmosphere.
This helps a company know the market, products and technologies and discuss the company’s management to obtain the idea and ability to survive and win when times are tough.

It is management reforms starting from overall optimization and improvement, not partial optimization.

This management technique is only possible in Japan.

In the past, although this was a common approach in companies, unfortunately, current workplaces lack the ability to implement this technique.

By making full use of the KZ method and the Choko-Ann, I provide guidance about the technique of kaizen or continuous improvements to maximize all employees’ potential aimed at making continuous management improvements with a participatory approach starting from everyone in the workplace.

What are you doing now to improve operations?
What are you doing now to improve operations?
Are problems solved in this way?
Are problems solved in this way?
All problems have an overall cause.
All problems have an overall cause.。
Aim for overall optimization with the Kakiuchi Improvement Method
Aim for overall optimization with the Kakiuchi Improvement Method
OverviewOverview of the steps to operational innovation
Overview of the steps to operational innovation
Step 0Preliminary Diagnosis
(Verifying the need and direction of improvement)
Step 0 Preliminary Diagnosis (Verifying the need and direction of improvement)
Step 1Basic Training for Improvement
(After the initial 2 hours, each session will include a 30-min lecture)
Step 1 Basic Training for Improvement(After the initial 2 hours, each session will include a 30-min lecture)
Step 2KZ Method Practice
(All managers, including the President, attend - 3 hrs)
Step 2 KZ Method Practice(All managers, including the President, attend - 3 hrs)

The KZ Method doesn't use common words such as "storage" or "quality".
It uncovers concrete problems for concrete items that have a card attached to them.

Regardless of the item, there is always a designer, a person who ordered the item, a person who bought the materials, a person who transported the item, a person who processed the item, and person who assembled the item, a person who inspected the item, and a person who packaged the item, and each person is related to the item.
Through putting the item before each person and having them explain and discuss their interaction with the item and their thoughts on problems, you can begin to see the solution to the overall process and the direction for improvement connected to overall optimization.

In a typical corporate structure, jobs are divided and separated so that many people only know their own job, which means it is difficult to find the answer to overall optimization.
This is where the KZ Method comes in, allowing you to understand the way that overall optimized improvement can occur for any item. Through this, action is taken towards solving problems that couldn't be handled by one person alone. This process allows each and every employee to understand their role.

Step 3Company-wide Improvement
ステップ3 全員改善の実行
Step 4Evaluation of Activities Aimed at Improvement
ステップ4 スパイラルアップのための活動の評価
FlowFlow that leads to overall optimization improvement
VoiceVoices of Our Clients

Mr. Tetsuro Kobari, Excective General Manager of Global Production Division, Representative Senior Managing Operating Officer, Chino Corporation

株式会社チノー取締役専務執行役員グローバル生産本部長 小針哲郎様 When I think of Dr. Kakiuchi, it makes me feel a sense of warmth inside.

He has such a rare quality that his keen logical talks calling for continuous improvements help manifest his warm, abundant emotional expressions straightforwardly.

I cannot say anything but great things about Dr. Kakiuchi. He offers consultations, advices and guidance, which are the underlying principle of a consultant, as if it is his fate, in a lively manner, without showing any impurities and inconsistency.

Perhaps, helping others is truly the greatest pleasure to him. Dr. Kakiuchi never become boastful or act arrogantly. He teaches that an accumulation of small improvements, at a glance, changes the atmosphere of a company and factory completely overtime when you come
to a sudden realization. I am fortunate to witness fantastic changes before my eyes on numerous occasions.

I would like to offer a tanka poem to express my appreciation.

It is just like a magic to see a workplace turning into a showroom that attracts people.

Mr. Eiji Isono, President, Isono Body Inc.

株式会社いそのボデー 代表取締役 磯野栄治様It has been five years since we have received guidance form Dr. Kakiuchi.
There is not a trace of our company’s previous workplace five years ago, and it underwent a great change for better.
As an indication of this success, we won the METI Minister Award at a competition held by the Japan Cleaning Association last year.
After winning the award, we are receiving a load of requests to visit our factory. This further promotes making continuous improvements in the workplace.
There are two major factors behind our success. One is the introduction of the Choco-an & kaizen system, which Dr. Kakiuchi provided guidance.
It is difficult to continue with the implementation of improvement ideas if the goal is to improve quality from the beginning.
The Choco-an, on the other hand, literally sees a small kaizen for improvement as an idea. With this system, employees need to come up with one kaizen implimentation or more a month. At present, the submission rate has been 100% for nearly two years.
Another factor is the introduction of "3 less production system". Our company offers a job-order production system, and our major challenge was to respond flexibly to our customers’ needs and to realize a shorter lead time all together.
Dr. Kakiuchi advised about implementing "3 less production system",chassis-less, design-less and skill-less production system, though it is not fully completed yet. Once completed, we can expect to see a significantly shorter lead time, increasing the turnover rate dramatically.
For manufacturers, the principle of genba, genbutsu and genjitsu is key because all elements of management manifest in the workplace.
Dr. Kakiuchi provides guidance on a presentation of choco-an. He always goes to production sites to check on the progress of improvement and compliments employees who make suggestions. That is something not easy for me to do.
Also, Dr. Kakiuchi never leaves our company without finding a clue to problems. I admire how quickly he gets things done. We will continue to do our best to create an extraordinary workplace. We appreciate your guidance.

Ms. Sachiko Yatsuki, President, Nestugakugijutsu Co., Ltd.

株式会社熱学技術社長 八木 幸子様Fifteen years have passed since Dr. Kakiuchi became a coach for our company.
If put into one word, our production site before Dr. Kakiuchi was “confusion.” There was any system to oversee the entire site.
Although our business was going well, we felt a strong sense of impending crisis.
We requested Dr. Kakiuchi for his guidance to make a through improvement of a corporate culture, and he advised us to introduce KZ method. We got rid of three four-ton truckloads.
After that, the confusion improved each time Dr. Kakiuchi provided guidance. Once we started seeing the outcome, it brought about changes in employees’ attitudes. Even now, all employees present stunning kaizen result for improvement at an improvement report held monthly.
The guidance provided by Dr. Kakiuchi was extremely effective in promoting these reforms.
I also would like to mention Dr. Kakiuchi’s personality.
He is a consultant who gives encouragement and motivation.
He never persuades people by theories, nor does he deny existing condition.
Instead, he goes to workplace and meets with workers eye-to-eye for talks.
Now, times are at a turning point. As Dr. Kakiuchi teaches in and out of Japan, he patiently teaches us, small and medium-sized businesses, how to survive.
With his encouragement and the KZ method, I am convinced that the only way to survive is to continuously change our awareness in the company to prepare for the next era.

Dr. Jyoji Suzuki, Psychologist and Management Consultant, Business Rapport Co., Ltd.

心理学者 鈴木 丈織様For me, I consider the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Kakiuchi, who is a hands-on scientist and maintains the harmonization of principles and flexibility, as a driving force.In any types of projects, Dr. Kakiuchi begins with grasping a starting point and confirms a goal at a blow to develop a process toward success.
In the process, he sometimes seeks confirmation and asks questions.
I do research on psychological practice, which is opposite of engineering practice. With a desire for deliberation and sureness, I also provide ideas and suggestions.
I am enlightened by Dr. Kakiuchi’s stance and results as a consultant.
If you are looking for optimal improvement, I recommend coming in contact with his mind and skills in reality and in name.
Let’s work hard and evolve together.