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The following Privacy Policy specifies the policies for handling personal information, which can be used to identify individuals (hereinafter referred to as “personal information” or “privacy information”) during the use of this website. It explains when and how the personal information is obtained, used for what purpose and how it is managed and protected.

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

The purpose of specifying the Privacy Policy is to disclose the policies of handling personal information and to provide an environment where users can decide whether to provide their personal information. In addition, concerning the handling of personal information acquired by those who operate the website for conducting business, it aims to ensure the protection of privacy by clearly specifying to uses that the personal information is acquired and used within the scope and method specified and handled properly under tight control.

Handling of Personal Information

*The users of this website may be asked to provide personal information prior to use the following services.

The following is a list of personal information obtained:
- Your company name
- Your name
- Telephone number
- Fax number
- Email address

The personal information acquired is used for the following purpose:
- Information for the content provided.

The provision of personal information acquired to third parties:

The personal information acquired on this website will not be disclosed to third parties unless prior consent was given or specifically required by law

About copyright

The copyrights of this website belong to Yukio Kakiuchi Professional Engineer Office. The content on this website may not be used or reproduced without permission.

About information protection

The personal information acquired through the operation of this website is protected and managed safely. We pay the utmost attention to ensure security. The computers for saving personal information related to the operation of this website are strictly managed to prevent unauthorized access from outside the network, as well as viewing and alteration of the internal data. By implementing proper and reasonable security, we strive to continuously protect personal information.