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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 1     2018.07.25
japanese manufacturing industry, Kaizen

I start writing Kaizen diary every other week.


My consulting is done at your factory. You don’t come to my office, and I visit your factory. I move a lot and I use trains every day.

For example, last week, I worked for five companies. Monday: Maibara, Tuesday: Mikawa Anjo, Wednesday: Maibara, Thursday: Yamagata, Friday: Fukushima.

The trip was quite relaxing because I was in the reserved seat of Shinkansen all the way. I have kept this life for 27 years, so I have made a routine motion.

The belongings are an eki-ben (station bento food), bottled tea, confectionery, books. For one hour after getting on Shinkansen, I enjoy relaxed time eating, drinking, reading. Then I start writing and studying with my lap-top computer.