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How do you do?     2017.07.20

My name is Yukio Kakiuchi a Kaizen consultant in Japan.
I am going to write an essay about Kaizen every week.
Today I write about the Kaizen which I am doing in Japan as a consultant.
“Kaizen” is a Japanese word and the character “Kai” means “change”, “Zen” means “good”. Kaizen is an activity to change for better.
In Japan some people take this word Kaizen in two ways. One takes it very difficult, and the other take it very small.
People of the group which takes Kaizen very difficult, say “Kaizen is a very high level engineering job. It should be unique and should earn a big amount of money. I am just an operator and have nothing to do with it.
People of the other group which takes Kaizen very small, say “Kaizen is a too old and too small technique to use in the IoT days”.
My understanding about Kaizen is different from either of the two.
Even if each Kaizen result is very small, but it changes the management drastically with all members’ participation together forever. Everybody can do Kaizen and all of the Kaizen help company management.
The world is changing at very high speed and the speed becomes faster and faster. There are many things around me which I did not know last year and the thing which does not exist now will show up next year.
It is very difficult to forecast how the world changes. People say it is impossible to prepare for the unpredictable future. However, there is a good way to prepare whatever change happens. It is to build the organization in which all the people are doing Kaizen and nobody has any uncomfortable feeling to change anything.
First, all the members improve and settle the personal small problems by each people’s small Kaizen. Next, if slightly big scale problem happens all the members in plant get together and do big Kaizen. And in case an incredible big problem happens, all the members solve the problem with the president as a leader, and it will be a great Kaizen.
How should we carry out to do such activity? I try to explain these from the both sides, how to think and how to move.