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How are Kaizen and examination different?     2017.07.29

In Japan, many of us have experience of entrance examinations.
Let me tell you what the entrance examination in Japan is..
You may pass the examination if you get the score of 60% on average. That means challenging to get full mark in your favorite subject and getting very bad score in the others may lead you to failure. But if you pay more time for the subjects in which you are weak and get the 60% scores on average, you may pass the examination. .
Copying the neighbor’s answer is cheating and never allowed. In addition, both starting time and finishing time is strictly observed. And chattering is also prohibited..
I have not met a person who likes this kind of competitive examination..
How about Kaizen? You cannot win the competition by getting 60% score. The achievement level of 60% score is very common among many rival companies. You can win only when you do take actions for the rest 40% faster than the others. .
Oh! Is KAIZEN harder than that bad dream entrance examination? You may think so, but it is quite different at all..
At first copying is never cheating in KAIZEN. If you find good things in a production plant tour, or if you get an information of good Kaizen examples, you do copy it as soon as possible and you will be praised. Starting time and finishing time is not very strict. If you can start it earlier, or you continue till it is finished, you will be praised. And the chattering is welcome. Let’s make a better thing while chattering and exchanging information and working out an idea..
I still have a nightmare impossible to write an answer in the entrance examination, although the examination was 48 years ago (I am 66 years old). I hate it!.
On the other hand, I have been doing Kaizen more than 40 years since I graduated from the university. This is because Kaizen is exciting and fun. Cooperation and visible result step by step makes us happy! .