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If I am asked “What is Kaizen?”, how shall I answer?     2017.08.01

As I am a Kaizen consult I can explain Kaizen in various ways. For example, I provided the topic of the difference between Kaizen and the entrance examination last time.
However, if I choose only one answer, my answer is
“Doing it now”
It is simple, but very important.
My Kaizen does not start from borrowing big money from the bank, but from changing small things around us by all of the members. Therefore, we do not have to worry what will happen if we make a mistake. If we make a mistake, we put it back to the original position, that’s it. Making a mistake is a valuable experience, and of course if we do good job, we go up to the next stage.
Do it now without worrying about failure or complaining the small outcome. Starting Kaizen now and keep doing it by all of you continuously, you can get big innovation!