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Do with all members.     2017.08.04

“It is absolutely impossible for just an aunty like me because Kaizen is an expert’s job” Ms. M who is the part time worker of the company K said.
However, a lot of Kaizen was carried out when I saw her work site. For example, gauze was wound around the grip of her cutter and scissors or to use easily, and a ruler was stuck on a work desk to measure the length of the products efficiently.
Therefore, I said to Ms. M, “It is not true, you have already done a lot of Kaizen by yourself. This is a great job!” Ms. M was surprised and said “Oh if these are Kaizen, I am able to do Kaizen much more”. Ms. M surprised and delighted me.
I think that the word Kaizen is sometimes taken exaggeratedly. Kaizen is a small one step to make us comfortable from slightly inconvenient, difficult or troublesome condition to do.
Therefore, changing something even it is really small is an excellent Kaizen. And the management of a company improves if Kaizen is done continuously by all the people in the company.
Even it is a small Kaizen, let’s continue doing it all the time together!