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Chatting at work is important     2017.11.15
Chat, Kaizen, KZ Method

I visit each client’s plant nationwide in Japan almost every day to support their Kaizen. And there I spend about the half of the time in company on the work site, in Genba.
What am I doing there? The half of the time is spent seeing the site, discovering the problem and implementing improvement on the site together with the people there including the president. And the other half of the time is spent at the sites where the improvement was actually carried out by the workers to have conversations such as listening to various stories and expressing opinions while watching the improvement with the person who actually did the Kaizen. It is “chatting” based on a clear theme.
What I want to listen from them is the difficulties which they faced while they did the Kaizen. It tend to be a success talk when they talk to the consultant where there is the president. But I can tell that the improvement was not easily obtained.
Then I start talking at him or her.
Kakiuchi: This improvement is amazing, is not it? But there was a lot of difficult time, right?
Mr. A: I did not do it only by myself. Mr. B also helped me.
Kakiuchi: Really! Let’s call Mr. B here.
(Mr. B, being called.)
Kakiuchi: Mr. B, thank you for helping Mr. A. This is incredible. Please tell me the difficulties you faced.
Mr. B: Actually, I did not have the tool to make this fixture, so I borrowed it by another department.
President: Oh, no! Please buy the necessary tools immediately. You should not hesitate to ask for such important things.
The conversation proceeded like this. And the problems in various invisible places are coming out and heading for further solution. If you say “chat”, there is something unscrupulous and there are also people who feel the atmosphere like “Do not chat while you work”, but in fact it is a valuable tool in improving.