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Let’s hold Kaizen presentation No.5!     2017.11.09
Kaizen, KZ Method

Last time, using the case of Nissan Motors, I mentioned that the power of change is within the company. And I was convinced that it was absolutely true at the small group activity presentation meeting at Company T which I visited last week.
Company T holds a company-wide Kaizen presentation once a year. This time there were 2 presentation from each of 5 domestic plant and a presentation from each of 2 overseas plant, totaling 12 presentations. For more than 5 years I have participated this meeting as a judge and commentator, and I am sure that the level of the presentation is rising year by year.
Previously, the most of the Kaizen theme were improvement of production operation and only the domestic plants attended. But this time, not only the production but also the related staff departments such as engineering, sales, production control and quality control participated and also oveseas plants participated
It is new that depending on the theme, manufacturing, engineering and management formed a small group, and some of the teams have created a synergistic effect.
And in the past, the most of the achievements of the activities were reducing defects by each product, productivity improvement of the team, but now they are spreading to inventory and lead time reduction, progressing to improve the structure of the whole company.
Actually, a few years ago Company T faced a crisis of bankruptcy shortly after sales declined sharply to less than half. Many colleagues left the company and many people thought that Company T might give up the small group activity. However, this small group activity and presentation meeting was continued.
However, by helping each other in the company, Company T survived and started getting profit significantly. In the closing speech, the president emphasized the Kaizen by all employees helped the company survival and expressed expectations for further improvement.
I thought it was really good that Company T did not stop the small group activity. And again the answer is inside the company! I was convinced that.