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Let’s hold Kaizen presentation No.4!     2017.11.06
Kaizen, KZ Method, Technology

Recently unexpected things are happening normally. In such unpredictable days, what can we do?
“The most important thing is to obtain enough skill and ability to cope with whatever may happen. Specifically, the countermeasure is to create a condition that all the members of the company carry out Kaizen every month by oneself”.
One of the actual methods is that all the members continue Kaizen activity. Regarding this I have much conviction.
25 years ago, I had been working for Nissan Motor for 18 years. I had a chance to keep watching Nissan change drastically in real time, because I have supported Kaizen activity of Nissan as a business consultant after resignation.
Everybody knows that Mr. Ghosn came to Nissan Motor as the president while the performance of Nissan was not so good. He implemented Revival plan, and accomplished the plan in a quite short period. Since Nissan’s performance has been low, it is surely Mr. Ghosn’s ability to achieve V-shaped recovery at that time.
However, the people who carried out Kaizen with Mr. Ghosn were Nissan employees, and it is true that many parts of the big change had been prepared by these employees till then. In other words, in fact, the big power drawn with the prominent leadership of Mr. Ghosn had existed in the company.
For the conclusion, enough Kaizen power for a big change exists in the company, but most of them are usually hidden. And I want you to discover the power through Kaizen presentation.