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Everybody can do Kaizen     2017.10.24
Kaizen, KZ Method

Following are the Kaizen presentation held at Company A the other day. All five new faces who entered the company in April of this year presented their Kaizen on that day in front of the other employees.
A half year ago, all these fresh-people were overly-nervous for saying words in their memory without any mistake when making greetings in front of all for the first time. However, now they became completely familiar with the company after half year while having an experience of hard time and making efforts in their workplace.
Then regarding presentation, all Kaizen presentations were excellent and surprised all of us
1.Although senior members taught me the work kindly, I encountered some unknown points while proceeding my work. Therefore, I wrote all unknown points and added them as key points in the standard work manual.
2.A senior member taught me how to use various tools, but I felt that these tools were difficult to distinguish as they were so similar. Then I put a number on each tool and made a list for easier usage.
3.I cleaned a warehouse for keeping it tidy and in order with a senior member. At that time I found the trash box for disposals got dirty, so I polished and cleaned it, then replaced the indication label with new one.
4.I took double times than the senior members, but I achieved 1.3 times through doing my best and practice.
5.I try to speak aloud because a senior member pointed out that my voice is low. (with speech supported by the senior member) (It was surely a loud voice, so splendid !. Kakiuchi note)
All five new faces were announced at the first presentation a half year ago to speak at the Kaizen presentation in six months. These members surely felt big pressure for finding Kaizen seeds, and tried hard and carried them out..
If the new faces ware not obliged to speak Kaizen presentation, none of them might implement their Kaizen. But Company A accepts even copying or maintenance issues. The fifth case may not be treated as a normal Kaizen in usual. But it is good because Company A evaluates the effort of a working person. It is important that everybody talks in a cheerful voice, but there are no actual methods to carry it out. Company A uses Kaizen activity for realizing it.