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Let’s hold Kaizen presentation No.2!     2017.10.16
Big change, Kaizen, KZ Method

[This is the second example of Kaizen that I promised last time!]
This is what happed in an elevator of the hotel during my business trip the other day.
The hotel is a big one with 23 floors, and the elevators are always crowded in the morning because there are only four small elevators.
I got on the elevator that morning from the 20th floor, but it was already crowded. So, I said, “Excuse me, let me get in”, asking all other persons.
Another person got on in the next floor and the elevator was fully occupied. Therefore, nobody could get in the elevator even though it stopped at every floor and the door repeated opening and closing. So, the elevator went down very slowly. All passengers were irritated and the atmosphere was bad.
And when the elevator stopped at the second floor, one person got off and the door closed. Everybody thought that the elevator would arrive finally at the first floor, but the elevator began to go up unexpectedly.
Then, somebody said loudly, “Nobody pushed the button of the first floor!” But the way he spoke was very funny, and several people and myself laughed. The others also became smiling even though they did not laugh loudly.
The elevator with all the members returned to the 23rd floor and then started getting down again and finally arrived at the first floor safely.
It was a situation that all the members might get more irritated, but the atmosphere became peaceful clearly once after all laughed. When getting off the elevator, all the members said “Thank you” and “See you” with peaceful face.
I finally return to the title this time, I want to emphasize that smiling is very important. I sometimes see a presentation of formal rigid atmosphere, but let’s hold pleasant and relaxed Kaizen presentation.