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I went to the Gunkan-jima or the Warship island, too.     2017.12.05
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Last time, I wrote that I went to a “robot hotel”. And the next day I went to the Gunkan-jima or the Warship island in Nagasaki prefecture. The Gunkan-jima is a common name of the Hashima and it is called so because of its outlook.

Why the island became warship shape? Because this island was a base place for mining coal till 1974 since Meiji era, and many buildings were built for the workers who went down into the bottom of the sea to mine the coal and their family. The buildings were apartment houses, shops, schools, hospitals etc. and they made the warship-shape of the island.
The size of the island is 480m×160m, very small! But in1960, there, more than 5000 people were living and that makes 83600 heads/㎢.(No.1 in the world!)
In 1941, more than 410 thousand tons of good coal was produced, which supported the development of Japan. But after 1960, the major energy was shifted from coal to oil and the coal became less and less required and the island mining area was closed in 1974 to make the island unpopulated.
Recently the island became partly open to the visitors and I visited and found it totally ruin.

In the year 1974, I graduated from university and started working. I do not feel it so long ago. And I knew the word “energy conversion” but it was a knowledge of historical word. It was the first experience for me to see the real thing by myself. I really understand the fact that the world is always changing.
Not only the shift from coal to oil, but also from analog to digital, from gas engine to electric engine, from manned driving to unmanned driving, from electronic calculator to artificial intelligence, the world is drastically changing.
I strongly feel the importance to change our manufacturing too.