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Chatting at work is important 2     2017.12.11
Big change, Chat, Kaizen, KZ Method

In the comics of the episode 18, there was a pleasant chatting. But I do not think that kind of chatting leads good Kaizen, either.
Then how is the chatting which helps good Kaizen? There are some important points.
First, the objects of Kaizen should be visible. Therefore, most of the time I stay in the place where real Kaizen is done because everything there is visible.
Second, the theme of Kaizen is shared by all the people there. When I am there I always point the object and the theme is shared.
And there should be various many people as it is a Kaizen assembly. There are the president, directors, managers, staff people, part-timers, sales people, designers, operators etc. These days I often hear the word “diversity” and I think this is it.
Every product in a plant has a lot of relations to all the people there. Sales people took the order of it, purchase people bought the material, engineers made the machine layout, controllers made the production plan, production people made it, inspectors checked it and drivers transported it. They are separated from each other but are related to each other.
If these people get together in front of a product and start chatting for example about shortening the lead-time, often the case super ideas comes out that can never be created by one self.
This is the chat I want to do.
When we do this chat and get good ideas, many attendants get very surprised and say, “this is an unique good assembly”. Yes, this kind of assembly is not done usually. In case of a big problem happening, this kind of assembly may be made but what I want is the assembly done in daily life in order to be good.
Let’s start chatting with many company people to do Kaizen!