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Chatting at work is important 3     2017.12.15
Chat, Kaizen, KZ Method

I think Genba Kaizen has two types. ( Genba : on site)
One is the Genba Kaizen to solve the problem which has already occurred. The other is the Genba Kaizen which realizes advanced level for the future management.
Of course both of them are important and good.
But we have to know the difference between the two. I found the most of the Genba Kaizen being done on site is the former one solving the occurred problem. This is the Kaizen which keeps the current level and not enough to keep up with the changing world. We need to know there is the other step Kaizen for the future.
What are the Kaizen for the future for example?
In Japan, the birthrate is decreasing, and the average age is going up. This clearly means we run short of workers. Therefore, we have to improve the labor productivity at least by 30%.
And in every aspect the speed is becoming faster and faster as Amazon deliver books within the day of order. What is needed in this era is shortening lead-time by 50%.
If we try to do these big Kaizen, it is almost impossible to do all by the people on site. We need to do the Kaizen by all the people in the company by chatting on Genba or on site.
Somebody may say, “Can you be responsible if we fail?”, “It is too difficult and impossible for us!”. But to find the impossible reasons brings us nothing. In order to survive in this changing world, we need to go to the advanced stage.

If you decide to challenge, you need to be ready to feel big pain.
But please don’t worry, the pain is not from unknown disease. It is the muscular pain after training.
If you are challenging to win the Olympic games, the training level is very high and you feel big pain but you can also gain big reward.