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Chatting at work is important 4     2017.12.21
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I said that chatting with common theme is important. We have various types of chatting other than the chatting on shop-floor in front of the products. I think “brain storming” is one of the chatting technique.

The rule is very simple. There are only two rules. One is to get as many ideas as possible about the target theme. To be correct or to be logical are not necessary. I always ask you to get 100 ideas at least. And the other one is not to deny the ideas however strange they are.

Although I ask you to get 100 ideas, it is often the case you stop getting ideas before 30. Thirty ideas show only ordinary ideas which you are feeling daily. If you need to reach a new level idea, you have to try to get 100 by using your brain fully.

Previously I did a brain storming work-shop with the sales managers and the maintenance managers of a car dealer, the theme of which was “More visitors to the dealer”

They tried to get many ideas but stopped after 30 ideas. I tried to pull ideas from them but they couldn’t.

But after a while one of them raise an idea “Give candies to visitors”. I wrote down on the white board. Then the next manager “Give chocolate to visitors”. Then “Rice cookies” continued…

I thought this is not a correct way but denying is against the brainstorming rule, I kept writing these new ideas on the white board.

These snack ideas were finished after the managers made 30 of those. I thought they may stop again. But miracle happened. Managers’ brains were really stormed, and they got 100 ideas finally.

At the next step, they started discussion who eats candies? who eats chocolates? who eats rice cookies? By discussing the difference, they found there are a lot more visitor groups than they assumed, as “a couple visitor with kids”, “a couple visitor with their parents” etc.

Finally, they got many new ideas like making kid play space which was very unique then and after implementing these ideas, visitors to the dealer increased and their sales rose and reached the target.

Chatting between various people with common target really works.


I write down your ideas on board.
Tell me many ones.
Give Sachertorte. Sache….
Give Osenbei. Ose….
Give Croissant.
You are giving difficult snacks
intentionally don’t you?