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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 3     2018.08.29
Consultant, Kaizen

I am a consultant to teach Kaizen. So, when I go to a factory I speak a lot of Kaizen plans and surprise everyone around me! … but to tell the truth, it is me who is surprised.

Let me show you a Kaizen which surprised me recently. The Kaizen was done in the Kagoshima factory of Parts Seiko Co., Ltd. and was announced at an Kaizen meeting held in the headquarters in Misato-shi, Saitama prefecture.

It is a Kaizen which changed a normal continuous white line to a dotted line. I have not seen such a line. First, I was not impressed by the Kaizen because I could not find the effects other than reduction of the amount of tapes.

Actually, this Kaizen has three big effects.
1. The required amount of tape is reduced. In this picture it is about 1/4.
2. You can make the line by one person. It usually takes two or more persons to complete a line with normal long tapes.
3. Maintenance is super easy. Only stained parts can be replaced.

I came up with only 1, but 2 and 3 are the reasons for greatness. I had believed that the line on the factory floor should be continuous straight line. I was rather inflexible.

I am still learning much from factories. The site of manufacturing in Japan is truly amazing!

Parts Seiko Co., Ltd. Website http://www.parts-seiko.com/