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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 9     2019.06.11
Consultant, wellness

As a consultant I can’t get sick once the consulting schedule is fixed with the customer. So I’m thinking about how I can always be healthy.
At that time, I heard that health is made by the three factors of mind, body and food. Therefore, I am doing something good I believe in those three. Let me introduce some of them. First, I would like to write about what I do for the mind.
Since the irritability of the mind is bad for health, I practice mindfulness by breathing slowly and deeply to calm myself every night. The tool I use is an electroencephalograph called “Muse”. It works in conjunction with a smartphone to visualize the state of brain waves with sounds and graphs. I am happy when my brain waves change to loose alpha waves from the beta waves and delta waves which come out when I’m in tension.