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Improvement diary of consultant 5     2018.10.19
Consultant, Kaizen, KZ Method

I cannot proceed my job with my own pace. Once the consulting schedule is fixed with the client, I must visit the factory on the day because many people are waiting for me. Therefore, it is necessary for me to keep the condition always good.

I mentioned that I am a health geek before. The health item which is the oldest among the otaku items of mine is the “breath control”.

There are various breathing methods in the world, but the breathing method that I practice is a very simple one. I breathe out slowly and quietly and breathe in again slowly and quietly. That’s all.

After today’s work is finished, I will start the breathing on the Shinkansen train by which I move to the workshop tomorrow. I repeat fifteen round trip breathing in about 10 minutes (one trip is 40seconds). I will do it slowly and quietly so as not to be thought that I am a strange man by the person aside me.

after having calmed down by breath control, I start enjoying the trip with tea and sweets (episode 94).

References: “Ki’s Breathing Method” by Koichi Tohei, Gentosha