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The new management approach based on Kaizen by all 5     2018.10.12
japanese manufacturing industry, Kaizen

I have been waiting for the comfortable cool autumn. Now I am in autumn and happy! The summer this year was so long.


From now on, it is necessary to do Kaizen with other departments to cover the whole. It is useful not only to divide tasks but also to work together at times. There are also ways that does not necessarily obey past processes such as emphasizing organization or hierarchy. In other words, it is necessary not only to adopt the logical management based on the past, but also to incorporate elements such as inspiration, motivation or empathy.

Also, in the past preparation was very important in order not make mistakes, but from now on you will quickly start Kaizen to find hidden problems by failing quickly. You need a sense of speed to complete the development quick. Up to now we were proceeded with the talk based on past data and hypotheses, but from now on there will be scenes where they are useless. It is necessary to obtain real information through real field observation.


Question:What do you think about failing quickly is good?