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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 4     2018.09.20
Consultant, Kaizen

Since I go on business trips from factory to factory almost every day, I have a lot of belongings. The weight of my bag becomes almost 20 kg because I pack my PC, books, and spare clothes for one week.
I am often asked “it is tough to move with such heavy baggage, what kind of bags are you using?” I love this question because I am proud of my bag.

It is a business bag made by SWANY Corporation, and I have been using it almost since I became a consultant. I have been a heavy user for about 25 years. Why is that so good? The developer of the bag, Mr. Etsuo Miyoshi (former president) has the aftereffect of severe polio, but he was moving around the world as a salesman with great vitality. However, big luggage was occasionally very difficult to move because of the handicap. Then he made a good bag that everyone can use easily from his own experience. It’s amazing improvement, isn’t it!

For details, I would like you to see the website of the company. Point is, it is not a pulling type, but it is a pushing type, so it is safe. And because it can be pushed at the position of natural hand position it is also a substitute for my walking stick. Besides, the sound of the caster is small. There are tremendously loud noise bags which are not good to use late in the night.

I use a SWANY bag for two years. Since I move with the bag carrying 20 kg and for at least 3000 steps every day, I change tires after about a year. The other day, the tire was broken after a year, I replaced them for new ones. I will use my bag for another year to be supported.

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