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The new management approach based on Kaizen by all 4     2018.09.07
Kaizen, Technology

The sun light is becoming weaker. I am happy, it is autumn.
Currently, economic activities in Japan is changing center industrial production only to service implementation also. For example, it is not enough just to create a new smart-phone, but also find a new way to use that phone. Consumers are seeking not only functional performance improvements but also experiences with more satisfactory usage.
In other words, it has been an era of technological pursuits and you can sell them if they are functionally good. And then, the company’s management could show enough result by independent activities by each department, such as sales, design, technology, control, and manufacturing.
However, from now on, on the premise of using the high technology that we have cultivated so far, it is required to satisfy the strong demand of the service to satisfy individual users. Therefore, independent activity by each department is insufficient.
Question: I’ve been told that improvement of service is important since long time ago, but don’t you think that the meaning of the service of the past is different from that of the service required now?