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The new management approach based on Kaizen by all 6     2018.10.30
Kaizen, KZ Method

Big typhoons are hitting Japan one after another. I am sorry for those who suffered from the these.


When Japanese manufacturing was remarkably strong in the world, both cars and electric appliances were outstanding in their functional quality. Speaking of functional quality, “No breaking down” was the most important factor. Next factor, if it is a mobile phone, was that the other party’s voice could be heard well even in the shadow of the building or a long mail was possible. Speaking of cars, running well, turning well, stopping well, they were the representative of functional quality.

Japanese products were outstanding in functional quality, and as a result, the manufacturing industry lead the economy of Japan. However, I have written in recent lectures that today’s markets are not so simple as before, and we need to understand what the customers want in addition to function.

The other day, J.D. Power of the United States announced “1018 U.S. Initial Quality Study”. There are only 2 Japanese car companies in the top ten, 8th Lexus and 10th Nissan. Considering that there were six Japanese companies in “2011 edition”, 1st Lexus, 2nd Honda, 3rd Acura (Honda), 5th Mazda, 7th Toyota, 8th Infinity (Nissan), Japanese cars are not evaluated so high as before. Functional quality of Japanese cars is still good as before, but in other quality field as usability of car navigation system and IT information systems are not evaluated as other high ranked cars. You can see that the market evaluation has changed.

The change in the world is fast and we need to change ourselves at the same speed. The attitude of “User in” is required.


Question: What do you think about changes in the car evaluation?