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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 6     2018.11.09
Consultant, wellness

I cannot proceed my job with my own pace. Once the consulting schedule is fixed with the client, I must visit the factory on the day because many people are waiting for me. Therefore, it is necessary for me to keep the condition always good.

In this way, I have written about masks and breathing method. And I received a mail from a reader, “Consulting is a hard job …”, but it is not true. It is because I am a health geek.

Then let me keep writing in this line.

I believe that continuous exercise is good for health. So, I walk much every day. I want to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. The number of walk steps is large because my workplace is factory shop-floors. But just walking on shop-floors is not enough to walk 10000 steps. So, I do light jogging about 3,000 steps in the morning. I do not jog on a rainy day, so I do not necessarily make 10,000 steps every day but achieve 70,000 steps in a week.