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Yukio Kakiuchi’s Kaizen diary 8     2019.01.19
Consultant, Kaizen

The year 2019 has begun. The speed of change might increase further in various ways this year .
The Olympic Games Tokyo will be held a year and a half later and the preparations will take place much more. Incredible many people that none of us Japanese has experienced yet may come to Japan and stay from all the world only for one month.
So many people at one time from various countries, then, what is the accommodation? The transportation? the payment? There are a lot of problems under the present systems.
Therefore, accommodation and driving services using smartphones and AI, and digital cashless payment will spread all at once.
This year there is no doubt that the declining birthrate and aging population will continue and new technological advances like AI will accelerate. What will be required for manufacturing will also change drastically.
We can’t stop the change. But we can prepare. All we need to do is Kaizen without fear of failures, with all of us together. Means to cope with change is Kaizen. This is the keyword of this year.
It seems difficult….