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The new management approach based on Kaizen by all 9     2019.02.14
japanese manufacturing industry, Kaizen

It is the season of flu. Let’s wash hands as often as possible not to catch cold.
Before starting the new Kaizen approach, let me tell you my Kaizen methods.
I do Kaizen with the president and other managers on shop-floors wearing work uniform. If you do Kaizen, the shop sites always become better than before. But we are not satisfied by the result, but we start discussion why we needed to do Kaizen to know the root cause.
Through the discussion we often get the conclusion to change the product-design, machine lay-out, information exchange between sales department and manufacturing department etc. Those conclusions are big and impossible to get by the single department activity. Through these discussions, I have a lot of experience to create new products or new markets.
For example, I often use the KZ method to do this type discussion. We do 5S with the president, managers of the company, normal employees. They are from manufacturing, engineering, designing, sales, control etc. And in front of the big volume unnecessary things, they discuss “What is this?”, “Why they became unnecessary?”, “What can we do?”
Through this discussion, they get the company wide optimal improvement, they break the strong organizational barriers between divisions, and a comprehensive optimal system is created that everyone can cooperate and improve.