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Kaizen by part time worker     2017.08.15

I talked two times about Kaizen done by the part-time workers who surprised me very much. But these two ladies are not special persons. In fact, everyone has the Kaizen ability without exception.
However, many companies do not ask the part-time workers to do Kaizen activity. Therefore, nobody does it there. Don’t you think that they are missing great possibility?
Find part-time workers whose jobs look difficult and ask how they feel. Then they will explain you how the work is difficult and teach you clearly what they want to do.
If you talk about a solution together with them and carry out Kaizen, quality and efficiency will improve at the moment. If you exchange such a conversation with all the members on the work site every day and continue Kaizen with them, the work will be so easy that efficiency and quality goes up. And the part-time workers may understand that Kaizen leads easy way and they are praised when their work is improved, and Kaizen activity advances steadily.
Kaizen is the work done by all the members together. However small the Kaizen is, management will be improved much if all do it continuously. Let’s do Kaizen together! Please establish Kaizen system that a part-time worker can participate.