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President also does Kaizen     2017.08.18

I have written about Kaizen of part-time workers three times. On the other hand, the company president also carries out Kaizen too.
Many people may think that the presidents will do great Kaizen, but it is not true. The Kaizen by presidents are also normal.
The president takes a leadership at everyday work and gives instructions. This is a role of the president. However, when it comes to changing every day job by Kaizen, the part-time worker who just entered the company yesterday has equal ability to the president. Because Kaizen is done by ideas and ability to implement which everybody has.
The president is also requested do Kaizen of 5S to keep his or her desk neat and clean.
In this way if every people in a company does Kaizen which may be small at least one per month, it will lead to the innovation for changing total management.