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KZ method     2017.08.25
Kaizen, KZ Method

I wrote that the president should also carry out Kaizen last time. There are several types of Kaizen which the president may participate in. And KZ method is the one of them.
K of the KZ method stands for Kaizen, and Z for Zentai which means “total” in Japanese. If the president join KZ method, not only the place is refreshed but also a big problem of the whole company will be found then and there. And total management kaizen will be started that was not possible until then.
To start KZ method, the president, the directors and the managers of sales, design and control section and production section may be gathered in the small area of the plant. And they are asked to stick cards on things which may not be used within a month or have problems.
Then, the card attached things are carried out of the place and divided into three categories, things not necessary, things not to be used within a month but may be used later and things necessary but with problems, then all the members start discussion.
・What is this?
・Why hs this become unnecessary?
・How should we do Kaizen together?
Through the discussion by the wide range of the company people in the plant, variety of the big companywide problems might come out, for example the problems of the design, the procurement, the sales and the control section will appear. And by observing such things and listening to the peoples opinion, the president understand the situation and start to suggest design change to all of the relating section people, as the design, the engineering and the production section or directs the procurement section to buy goods just needed or in smaller size, or orders the production control and the production section for changing the production lot size. These orders cannot be implemented by a single section.
Because the president watches the real things by himself, he can order them with confidence.