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Plant manager started computer     2017.09.05
Kaizen, KZ Method

Computers were called “electronic calculator” in the old days, but they are artificial intelligence (A.I.) these days and people talk that the computer may take over human work.
I have sometimes expected and sometimes worried what in the future would happen.
But I came across a splendid Kaizen related to this topic the other day in Company B.
Company B produces press dies. Recently the performance of the metal sheets are very high, much lighter and much stronger and it causes “spring-back” that is easy to be back again after the metal is bent. As the result, the dies became complicated, and the die design also became difficult.
Therefore, the company B purchased a computer software which could simulate the complicated spring-back phenomenon. Then, 60-year-old Mr. S the plant manager who he did not like computers and he did not touch them till then, but he decided to learn it from young engineers and became capable to use the simulation.
I asked Mr. S what happened to the engineering? Mr. S having high-level experience and technical skill becomes able to use the software of a recent technology.
Mr. S answered, “This software is so great. Before I repeated work in so many times till I get the final shape, but now I can get it by one trial!”. Thanks to the software, the productive capacity went up, and the communication with the young engineer was improved. And I am going to challenge ●●●● which is Don’t you think this is miracle?”.
Mr. S’s skill level became much higher by applying IT. It is not that his skill was taken over by IT. I saw a very good example how to use IT technology.
1. Though I could not use the computer, I learned it and it was good!
2.Because the productive capacity went up, and the communication with the young people became much better.
3.Though secret, it is — now.
What is it?
4.I pretend to work and enjoy YouTube.
Don’t do that!