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Japanese innovations transform
all Japanese small- and medium-sized corporations  
into a corporation like Google!

What makes Google so great is that all employees have tremendous ideas.
Each employee sets a great theme and think of ways to achieve it with all one’s might.
If one cannot find answers by oneself, the employee looks for other colleagues for help to start discussion.
Everyone works on a project to accomplish their own goal by all means, in a very open corporate culture sustaining a lifestyle of freedom.

Google, of course, is a leading American company, and attracts an excellent talent pool.
It is no surprise that all of them can come up with something tremendous.

What will it be like if all small- and medium-sized corporations in Japan have a corporate culture that allows all employees to come up with an idea in the same way as Google?
Nowadays, while weak yen and deregulation create a favorable environment for the manufacturing industry,
here might be an opportunity for Japanese manufacturing companies to recapture the time of becoming a world leader again.

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